Animation Deadline!

This project was one of the silliest projects we’ve ever had to work on… and we enjoyed every minute of it!   The challenges of this project primarily were due to the incredibly tight deadline – 2 weeks!  For 8 minutes of animation, that’s insane!

With a very limited deadline, and an even more limited budget, the client BenchMark Physical Therapy knew we had to prioritize quantity over quality in order to fit in all the material.  The animations were to be shown at an annual Worker’s Compensation meeting, and were to precede three different speakers’ presentations. The content, which is very familiar to their audience, was about Functional Capacity Evaluations, or FCEs.

MVP was asked to learn about FCEs and to write a script that would tie in the animations to the speakers’ presentations.  We were required to make it a Superman vs. Lex Luthor theme with over-the-top silliness.

The client informed us that the presentation was a tremendous success!  Imagine attending what you thought  would be some dull conference about worker’s comp regulations, and instead one presenter gave you THIS: