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If it's too much to take in, keep it simple and just call us for a no-obligation consultation. If you're not sure where to start, or don't know what to ask, don't worry. Our job is to make you look good! … [Read more...]

Read Reviews

Reviews are critical! Top service and a positive experience are the other half of the story. If you've ever dealt with a company that has a great product, but doesn't seem to care for its customers, then you know how things can go awry in a hurry! Look for reviews from third parties like Kudzu or Yelp rather than the reviews from the company's website.   AND FINALLY, since you've made it this far... NEXT > … [Read more...]

Compare Portfolios

The portfolio is the resume. If you don't see the industry you work for in the portfolio, it may not necessarily make a difference. But if you don't see quality you're looking for, then that company may not be the best fit for you. Next > … [Read more...]

Find a Video You Like

This doesn't mean that we're going to copy someone else's video, but it gives us an idea of the quality and style you're looking for. (Do you want fast-paced action shots, or maybe slow motion with subtle graphics, etc.). These videos don't necessarily have to be in your same industry. Maybe video "A" has a pace that you like with medium tempo music. But video "B" has the graphics that you like. And Video "C" has a better style of camera work. Also, NEXT > … [Read more...]

Number or Length of Videos

Of course the more videos you have, then the more the cost.  However, from a value perspective, having  multiple videos produced at the same time may lower the overall cost per video.  If you plan on having multiple videos produced throughout the year, it may be most cost effective to produce them all at once, even if they are not released until later. This would be analogous to cooking dinner - you can double the size of the recipe, but it probably won't double the prep time or cost.  Sure … [Read more...]

Motion Graphics & Animation

This is basically graphic design in motion. Some projects may not even require shooting, but may be completely created from graphics and animation. Motion Graphics and animation are priced per job depending on complexity and production time. When choosing a video production company, considering the skillset is important because ultimately you're choosing which artist you want to create your artwork.  Some art styles may appeal to you, others may not.  Motion Graphics are the bells and … [Read more...]

Size of Crew

Often times, a small crew of 2 or 3 can manage an entire shoot. Other times, you may need additional crew to operate special equipment or direct multiple shooters. Also, consider whether you want additional talent like makeup and hair stylists, actors, interviewers, voiceover talent, etc. Drones require specially licensed operators.  Interviews typically require seasoned journalists.   Heavy equipment simply need more people (grips) to help haul, set up, and tear down.  Audio technicians … [Read more...]


It takes more than just a camera and a tripod to deliver top notch videos. Jibs, Sliders, Dollies, Drones, Teleprompters, Stabilizers, and Audio Mixers are a few things typically used. Many of these things require additional crew or specialists for operation. See our short demonstration video on jibs and dollies to learn what they are and why they're important. Sometimes the equipment listed above is simply a budget option for the client.  But, when investing in the face of your brand, … [Read more...]

To Interview or Not to Interview

Setting up for interviews takes time. Even if it's "Just a Quick 5 minute Interview", it will still take time to set up precise lighting, strategically place cameras, and prepare the "set". True, the camera may end up running for only 5-15 minutes for that quick interview, but there will be at least an hour or two spent just in setup and tear down. In many cases, the interview is the framework of a project.  It is crucially important to have it done top notch.  It is the point of reference … [Read more...]

Number of Video Shoots

Each shoot typically has a minimum amount and is typically priced for a half-day or full-day. The type of equipment needed will impact how much time is needed for the shoot. Smart planning by the video production company will maximize efficiency during the shoot.  Often times, things may be shot completely out of sequence to the script (if applicable) in order to reduce time to set up and tear down each staged shot. Depending on the type of equipment needed, the number of crew, and the length … [Read more...]