Jibs and Sliders

Shooting with Jibs and Sliders increases production quality by varying the types of shots that cannot be replicated on a tripod. Use of this equipment allows more diverse shooting styles and PRECISE smooth movements resulting in an elegant final production typically associated with high-end cinematography. A jib is used to create vertical "boom shots" or horizontal "swings".  It works just like a crane, and must be counterbalanced to the weight of the camera. A slider is a framed dolly … [Read more...]

Hiking and Shooting

It's amazing how even 8 hours of light isn't always enough time just to shoot a 60 second ad. This product video shot for Tru-Spec at Cloudland Canyon State Park was a logistics challenge. Going down into the canyon and back and hiking the trails would otherwise be a nice scenic break, but add  200+ pounds of equipment, and it gets tiring very fast! By sunset, we had our jib in place and were ready to shoot a nice shot of the model overlooking the cliff.  You only have a few minutes to get … [Read more...]

The Big Chicken

We had the opportunity to work with one of the largest KFC franchisees in the world, KBP Foods, during the renovation of Marietta's "Big Chicken".  KBP Foods gave us creative license to create a unique introduction, and credit to Marianne Kaleida who came up with the idea of the chicken crossing the road.   During the chicken's road crossing, we were happy to hear passers-by who "got it" when at least one woman was very excited shouting, "Oh my gosh! It's the 'chicken' crossing the road!" The … [Read more...]

Preparing for a Video Shoot

What should you expect on a video shoot? Following is an example walkthrough of simple interview/b-roll video shoot. Arrival 8am We have parking passes for the loading dock and take the service elevator. Had decided a week ago that we would shoot interviews in the conference room.   We begin unloading cart and setting up cameras, lights, and other equipment to make an on site "studio." Cam Roll Time 9:30am Phones have been silenced.  Reception area knows to keep visitors quiet in the … [Read more...]

First Time Shopping for Quotes?

Comparing estimates while searching for the right video production company can be overwhelming. There are so many factors involved in video production that you may feel you have to get a degree in film production just to know what questions to ask. Hopefully this guide will help make the job easier for you in determining prices, shopping, and setting a budget. NEXT > … [Read more...]