Better Looking Interviews

Interview Lighting Pic

Lighting and angles in interviews make all the difference in the appearance of the subject.  One thing I’ve found that makes a difference in the appearance of the face is how someone sits in their chair.

If the subject slides back in the chair as far as possible so that they are sitting straight up or slightly forward, it forces any excess skin under the chin to be pulled tighter resulting in a more flattering appearance.

By contrast, if you lean back, the skin can be pushed forward slightly resulting in “neck fat” that may look exaggerated under the lights.

One of the oddest parts of sitting my subjects is using the proper wording.  “Please scoot your butt back as far as possible in the chair so you’re sitting straight up or slightly forward.”   I still haven’t thought of a less crude way of wording it, and epithets such as “your bottom” or “your rear” just sound a bit too effeminate coming from a guy.

Interview Sitting