Creative Ideas

Want something unique for your web site? We can help. Marietta Video Productions can help you engage with site visitors and keep them on your site longer. We use our technical expertise and our graphic design abilities together with your  ideas to create all types of fun, interactive additions to your site. For instance, we use what’s called an AVARM on several client’s sites. It’s an animated character that “answers” and “asks” questions. The AVARM gets “smarter” the more it’s used. These types of creative characters don’t really supply your customers with serious answers. But, they do give your web site personality.

The engagement keeps people on your site longer and keeps them entertained. They are also more likely to tell others about your web site. You have to see an AVARM to believe it. Please click below and see exactly how this works.

That’s just one of our creative ideas. We also develop interactive games to keep your site visitors amused and engaged. We incorporate your brand and your brand messages into any of our creative ideas. Don’t assume any of your ideas are beyond our reach. We love a challenge!