It takes more than just a camera and a tripod to deliver top notch videos. Jibs, Sliders, Dollies, Drones, Teleprompters, Stabilizers, and Audio Mixers are a few things typically used. Many of these things require additional crew or specialists for operation.

See our short demonstration video on jibs and dollies to learn what they are and why they’re important.

Sometimes the equipment listed above is simply a budget option for the client.  But, when investing in the face of your brand, sometimes those extra options really help you stand apart from your competitors.

For interviews, we typically recommend having a camera on a slider for that “parallax effect”.  It makes an interview seem more dynamic than the otherwise stationary tripod.  Having a second camera for an interview also makes an easy edit point which is crucially important if you don’t plan on having “b-roll” (footage to supplement the interview).
Jibs are used for beautiful reveals and majestic shots and accomplish something that is nearly impossible with a tripod or handheld camera.  Although the equipment needs may add some costs to a project, the other consideration with equipment is…