Hooters Revealed!

Gus at cameraOkay tacky title, I know.  But newspapers do it all the time, so that makes it … okay still tacky.

When someone thinks of working in the corporate world, Hooters isn’t likely to be the first corporation to come to mind.  We had the privilege of seeing the back-end of Hooters (sorry… did it again) and what it takes to make their kitchen run so smoothly.  The video was used by HR to show franchisees the criteria need to hire what Hooters calls their Kitchen Captain – the team leader who keeps kitchen running and ensure orders are delivered hot and aesthetically appealing (resisting additional sophomoric puns).

The quality care and attention to detail and outstanding service in Hooters kitchens amazed us.  We were thrilled to work on a series of videos with Hooters, and to be given the rare inside look of what makes it such a successful operation.