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When it comes to customer reviews, Marietta Video Productions is number one on The third party site is known for its objective system, and MVP ranks number one out of more than three hundred Atlanta video production companies when one sorts by ratings. MVP has 18 reviews, more than any other video production company in Atlanta,  and holds a 5 star rating. Customer service is a top priority for Marietta Video Productions, which began in 2006.

“I am passionate about making sure our process and our service exceed customer expectations”, said MVP President Donna Davis. “It’s not enough to produce a video that goes above and beyond what the client imagined. I really believe in making sure we communicate with our clients on their terms, and we communicate quickly and thoroughly throughout the process. When every project is complete, I talk to our clients and see if there was anything in the process they feel we could have done better. I want our customers to know we really care about their experience as well as their final product.”

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MVP is our MVP
We are a multi-billion dollar company with a high profile. Marietta Video Productions has done small jobs for us in the past. They were exellent so when we needed top quality videos, fast, for a large customer we went to MVP. They delivered virtually edit free work, on time and on budget. We just gave them another critical job and they are the best. Truely a rare find in this space.
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Marietta Video Productions’ mission is to produce high quality, creative, and compelling videos that become a great investment for every client.

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