Marietta Video Productions Offers Live Webcasting

Marietta Video Productions has been producing live webcasts since 2011. Clients can choose from several options with live web-casting.

covering an event with a video camera

Live, streaming video via a web page

Live, streaming video with a chat room via a web page

As the video is being broadcasted, it  is also being recorded. So, clients can have an archived version of the video. This can be used for attendees who want to view it again and  for those who were not able to view the live meeting.

Clients can choose to work with one camera, two cameras and a switcher, or several cameras and a switcher.

If you’ve never tried live web-casting, consider the following case study that may give you ideas as you embark on this new and innovative technology.

Marietta Video Productions began doing live web-casting for the Georgia Hand and Upper Extremity Special Interest Group, GHUESIG in 2011. The leaders of the trade association wanted to increase their membership through adding value to the organization. They decided to offer their meetings to hand therapists across Georgia who might not be able to travel to Atlanta for meetings. They hired Marietta Video Productions to set up live, streaming webcasts and a chat room. They solicited sponsors to cover the costs of the live web-casting service. They sent out emails diligently to let members know about the meetings and the service. They found sponsors, increased memberships, and allowed members to watch the meetings live and view the archived videos on their website.

After one year of web-casting, GHUESIG was able to more than double membership dues, and they were able to add five times the number of members. They were also able to increase sponsorship by enough that the live web-casting was not only covered, they generated additional revenue. The sponsors are very pleased with the results. Sponsors are given a few minutes at the beginning of each meeting to promote their product or service, and their logo and contact information is just below the video on the web page.

Want to find out more about live webcasting, contact us of Marietta Video Productions at (678) 290-8953 for a free consultation.