Marietta Video Productions Works With A Top Atlanta Remodeling Company

Marietta Video Productions recently completed a television feature for Griffith Construction and Design, a top Atlanta remodeling company. The feature shown below, aired on “Atlanta’s Home And Style”, a television show produced by Marietta Video Productions.

For clients in the home design and build industry, Marietta Video Productions offers more than a great marketing video. Clients also get free television exposure. The video features on “Atlanta’s Home And Style” serve as educational and entertaining videos for viewers. But, because they are stories and not sales pieces, they serve as especially powerful marketing tools for Marietta Video Productions’ clients. The features are shot on location at a top project. MVP interviews the contractor and the client, and then puts the feature together from the interviews. So, clients don’t have to dedicate any time to the process of creating a video.

The video features are used on the client’s website and in their social media. They are also picked up by blogs because they are interesting and entertaining. They are not pushing a product. Marietta Video Productions is able to provide these features with all the scripting, narration, and elegant videography at an affordable price because it’s an efficient process. Donna Davis spent 20 years in the television news business. As an anchor and reporter, she had to understand concepts and turn around news reports quickly. Today, she leads a team of former television news reporters who conduct the interviews and build the stories.

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Marietta Video Productions’ mission is to produce high quality, creative, and compelling videos that become a great investment for every client.