Marietta Video Productions Produces Television Features

Marietta Video Productions produces a weekly television show called “Home And Style”. The show is targeted to affluent women over 35. It’s a “women’s magazine on television” featuring Interior Design, Image and Beauty, and Travel.

If your company has a product or service that fits in to one of our categories, we may be able to produce a feature story with you and provide television exposure at no additional charge. Our clients for Home And Style include John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, Granite Transformations, Cool Sculpting, AYA Medical Spa, and many more.

If Marietta Video Productions determines your company is a good fit for the show, we profile your business through the eyes of one of your clients or patients, and we write the story. There’s very little prep work for you! We shoot, edit, write and produce your feature. We air it on the show, and then we send you the video for your web site. Many of our clients use the feature on their website, in their sales presentations, at trade shows, and in their social media.

Please take a look at some of the features we’ve produced and see if your company might be the right fit.


Below is a feature Marietta Video Productions produced with client Findlay Roofing, one of the top roofing firms in the southeast.

The video feature below fits in to the Image/Beauty section of Home And Style. In this video, Marietta Video Productions offers a step by step guide for putting on makeup.


The video feature below offers a fun and entertaining look at an interior designer decorating a show house in just 24 hours.


Does your company’s product or service fit in to the Home or Interior Design segment, the Image and Beauty segment or the Travel segment. If so, Call us at <a href=”tel:+16782908953″>(678) 290-8953</a>.