Preparing for a Video Shoot

What should you expect on a video shoot? Following is an example walkthrough of simple interview/b-roll video shoot.

  1. Arrival 8am
    We have parking passes for the loading dock and take the service elevator. Had decided a week ago that we would shoot interviews in the conference room.   We begin unloading cart and setting up cameras, lights, and other equipment to make an on site “studio.”
  2. Cam Roll Time 9:30am
    Phones have been silenced.  Reception area knows to keep visitors quiet in the lobby. Subject is in place, Interviewer is ready, and cameras roll.  Interviewer chats with subject for about 10-20 minutes covering predetermined key points.
  3. Next Interview 10am
    We shift some lighting and camera angles slightly so we don’t have the exact same shot as the last person, although we’re still in the same room.  Next interview begins at 10am.  Same as before – only a 10-20 minute casual conversation.
  4. Tear down and setup 10:30am
    Crew tears down in conference room while also setting up jib.
  5. Jib is set up and ready for b-roll. 11am
    Shooting various activities and employees around the office.  All staff were told beforehand to dress appropriately for the cameras.
  6. Remove Jib and get Dolly Shots 1:30pm
    Shooting various activities and employees again, this time on Dolly. Staff wonders why we’re coming through here again. Didn’t we just do that?
  7. Tear down 3:30pm
  8. Leave site 4pm