To Interview or Not to Interview

Setting up for interviews takes time. Even if it’s “Just a Quick 5 minute Interview”, it will still take time to set up precise lighting, strategically place cameras, and prepare the “set”. True, the camera may end up running for only 5-15 minutes for that quick interview, but there will be at least an hour or two spent just in setup and tear down.

In many cases, the interview is the framework of a project.  It is crucially important to have it done top notch.  It is the point of reference for clients to see  who you are and hear your voice.  It is literally YOUR IMAGE.  So, what does your image represent?  Does it represent quality? Attention to detail?

Having a professional interviewer is important to helping you deliver the best material.  Even professional public speakers greatly benefit from having a person to guide the conversation because it gives them a point of focus that they are used to with a live audience.

Whether or not they will admit it, even the most seasoned, outspoken CEO can be unnerved when having a full production set, bright lights, and several cameras aimed at him/her.  The interviewer helps to turn the ordeal into a casual conversation and knows what sound bites to look for so you don’t have to worry about saying the right thing.

This is NOT the news.  If you mess up, we’ll scrap it and do it again.  You have final say for what goes in your final product.

Interviews take time to set up, and typically require more equipment than some shoots.  But there are also other equipment considerations…
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