Number or Length of Videos

Of course the more videos you have, then the more the cost.  However, from a value perspective, having  multiple videos produced at the same time may lower the overall cost per video.  If you plan on having multiple videos produced throughout the year, it may be most cost effective to produce them all at once, even if they are not released until later.

This would be analogous to cooking dinner – you can double the size of the recipe, but it probably won’t double the prep time or cost.  Sure it will take longer and cost more, but not necessarily double.  Also, each video typically has a consistent “look”.  Maybe a similar introduction, similar graphics, similar lighting and camerawork, etc.   Those items may only have to be created once, and then only slightly modified or re-used for other videos.  For example, imagine each of your videos having the same intro graphics and same style of text animations.  In post production, if we know those graphics will be used again and again, we’ll create a template so they will always look the same – only different text.  This ensures consistency in all videos, speeds up the post production time, and the graphics are created only once.


Those are the main items to consider when your project is being priced.  Once pricing has been established, the final steps in selecting your production company are NEXT>