A Dental Profile Video

[mvpvideos vidname="DrHahn"]   This video profiles a top Atlanta dentist. It focuses on his credentials, experience, and philosophy. Marietta Video Productions specializes in profile videos like this for physicians and dentists. The videos give potential patients insight into the doctor and the practice. To find out more about getting a video like this, contact us at (678) 290-8953 or email her at MVP@MariettaVideoProductions.com … [Read more...]

Dental Makeover TV Feature

[mvpvideos vidname="Diva"] Marietta Video Productions produces a weekly television show, and for companies that fit in with the format, MVP can offer television exposure at no additional cost. This video depicting a free cosmetic dental makeover ran on "Home And Style".  These dramatic stories make valuable marketing tools for MVP clients. If a video like this interests you, please call us for a free consultation, (678) 290-8953 or email MVP@MariettaVideoProductions.com. … [Read more...]

Doctor Profile Video

[mvpvideos vidname="Cushing"] This video features a shoulder specialist that truly enjoys his job. It shows some personal aspects to his life and also what motivates him to do what he does, his passion for helping people dealing with ailments. If you’d like to make a video profile like this, call us at (678) 290-8953 or email MVP@MariettaVideoProductions.com … [Read more...]

Cabinet Company: Product Video

[mvpvideos vidname="Cabinets"] A local Atlanta cabinet design company is featured in this product video. It features various designs and materials that they use to create beautiful home products. Clients can see the high-quality work that they provide and get an idea of how much they can expect to spend. If you’d like to create an informative video such as this to showcase your business and attract potential clients, call us at (678) 290-8953 or email MVP@MariettaVideoProductions.com … [Read more...]

American Cancer Society

[mvpvideos vidname="ACS"] The American Cancer Society wanted to make a touching video that features a woman that has been diagnosed with cancer. This video takes you through her journey of dealing with her condition. And instead of letting such a life-altering condition get the best of her, she used it as a wake up call to help her celebrate her life and cherish the time she has with her loves ones. If you or someone you know would like to share an extraordinary story, call us at (678) … [Read more...]