Marietta Video Productions Creates Company Profile Videos

Do your customers need a more comprehensive idea about your business and its strengths. Marietta Video Productions produces company profile videos for small businesses and corporations. These profile videos give prospects a deeper understanding about your products or services as well as your customer service, your location, your values, and your history. Please take a look at some of the company profile videos we've produced.   The video below introduces patients to the many services … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Produces Television Features

Marietta Video Productions produces a weekly television show called "Home And Style". The show is targeted to affluent women over 35. It's a "women's magazine on television" featuring Interior Design, Image and Beauty, and Travel. If your company has a product or service that fits in to one of our categories, we may be able to produce a feature story with you and provide television exposure at no additional charge. Our clients for Home And Style include John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Produces Demonstration Videos

Does your company have a product or service that could get a boost if only potential customers could see how to use it or how it works. Getting a demonstration video can be an effective way to explain something that perhaps just can't be conveyed well with text and photos. Video is a useful tool for almost any type of demonstration. Please take a look at a few of the demonstration videos Marietta Video Productions has produced. As you watch, rest assured even if you don't see a video that fits … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Produces Training Videos

Need your employees or customers to learn something new? Marietta Video Productions produces videos that show your step by step process. We  can also add quizzes so that you can find out if those employees or customers actually learned the material. Using video for training is an excellent way to increase retention and allow the audience to go back again and again for a refresher. Producing any type of training video simply requires us to really listen to what you need, how you would like … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Offers Live Webcasting

Marietta Video Productions has been producing live webcasts since 2011. Clients can choose from several options with live web-casting. Live, streaming video via a web page Live, streaming video with a chat room via a web page As the video is being broadcasted, it  is also being recorded. So, clients can have an archived version of the video. This can be used for attendees who want to view it again and  for those who were not able to view the live meeting. Clients can choose to … [Read more...]