How To Create A Professional Video Without Spending A Fortune

As a professional video producer, I often get the question “can I shoot the video myself and you can edit it?”  I certainly don’t blame people for wanting to save money. Video is expensive, and their I-Phone shoots really nice, clear video. But, what many people don’t understand is the expertise it takes to get the lighting, the composition, and the framing just right to get professional, quality shots. These professional shots are the very foundation of the video. No amount of masterful editing … [Read more...]

Video Features

[categorythumbnaillist 662]   See More Featured Videos -> … [Read more...]

New Product Video

[mvpvid low="DBCI-CurlLok_1_h264_baseline_l31_768k_702p_aac_96k" high="DBCI-CurlLok_1_h264_baseline_1500k_702p_aac_128k" autoplay="true"]   This video features a company that has significantly improved the rolling sheet door. It presents their product by using interview content and on-site footage of how the product works. Video is an entertaining way to inform an audience and attract new clients because it can be used in many ways, such as in presentations, on business and social … [Read more...]

Medical Marketing Video

[mvpvid low="SSS_AlloGen_2_h264_baseline_l31_768k_702p_aac_96k" high="SSS_AlloGen_2_h264_baseline_1500k_702p_aac_128k" autoplay="true"]   Information can be presented in very interesting ways through the use of video. This video uses 3D animation and motion graphics to show how injured tissue can be repaired. Clients are able to see exactly how it works and what effects it has on the body. Videos such as this are ideal for websites, social media, and many other forms of … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions – #1 on

When it comes to customer reviews, Marietta Video Productions is number one on The third party site is known for its objective system, and MVP ranks number one out of more than three hundred Atlanta video production companies when one sorts by ratings. MVP has 18 reviews, more than any other video production company in Atlanta,  and holds a 5 star rating. Customer service is a top priority for Marietta Video Productions, which began in 2006. "I am passionate about making sure our … [Read more...]