Kb vs. KB

If you haven’t already read about the difference between bits and bytes, you may want to familiarize yourself with them in part one of this article by clicking here.   KB and Kb are completely different... depending on who you ask!   Kb stands for Kilobit    (1,000 bits) KB stands for Kilobyte (1,024 Bytes that we often round to 1,000 Bytes.  Or 8,192 bits)   Remember, Bytes are about 8 times larger than bits, so 1,000 Bytes   = 8Kb 100,000 Bytes (97.6 … [Read more...]

Bits and Bytes

What are Bits exactly and why is it important to understand how they relate to Bytes?   I think everyone I’ve spoken to has had issues understanding data sizes and what they mean.  Part of the problem is that not everyone means the same thing with the same wording.  The linguistic confusion is similar to “ton” meaning 2,000 lbs in the US, but 2,240 lbs in the UK.   So we’re going to get a bit technical here and I can’t do this without going into a lot of math - but at least … [Read more...]

Welcome to MVP

Marietta Video Productions (MVP) specializes in producing marketing videos, training videos, product and service videos, or demonstration and how-to videos.   Our clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  We are an approved vendor for the state of Georgia as well as other local governments, colleges, and non-profits. Every industry will have different goals and a different process.  But, from start-up companies to billion dollar corporations, some goals are … [Read more...]

Home and Style TV

Marietta Video Productions produces the weekly television show, Home & Style. Because we produce the show, we can offer some clients television exposure as well as online video. We work with clients in the following categories for the television show: Interior Design, Home Building, Home Renovation, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry and Travel. Viewers can see the latest design and image trends on Home & Style TV. Show times are listed below. Saturdays at 11:30am on WATC-57 Comcast … [Read more...]

Interviewing Tips

Sometimes clients feel that the only way to personally deliver their message to the audience is by reading a prompter and looking directly into the camera.   With this style of delivery, you're competing with the top professionals in televised presentation - TV News Anchors, Spokespeople, etc.   The audience has a certain expectation for the intonation and style of delivery, and if that expectation isn't met, you could misfire your message.  Even professional presenters may be slightly flustered … [Read more...]

EDI Data Center

This week has been really exciting as well as challenging. We're proud to partner with EDI, Ltd. to complete their Data Center video, the first in a series of videos EDI will be completing this year. EDI is an engineering firm that specializes in data centers and wiring/tech infrastructure for many major hospitals, corporate buildings, and universities. … [Read more...]


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