Losing Audio

This brief article addresses two issues for video editors. If you got here due to the key phrases: “Compressor horrible quality mp4” or “Media Encoder Losing Audio” or something similar, then hopefully this will solve your issues. You may have noticed that FCP Compressor is awful for making MP4s. You may have tried to make that nice “internet quality” file using a .mov wrapper with h.264 codec and then change the extension from .mov to .mp4. Although that little trick will allow the file to … [Read more...]

A Newbie’s Perspective

There are a lot of great Atlanta video production companies out there. Fortunately Antonio Moore chose to work with us at Marietta Video Productions. Below is his article on why he chose video as a career. Five Reasons to Consider Video Production as a Career By Claudius Antonio Moore   As a person that craves the excitement of being out in the world and not stuck in a cubicle of monotony, I have come to realize that a career in video production is what I have been searching … [Read more...]


This week was one amazing week! Everyone loves Fridays, but nothing makes a Friday more exciting for us than ending with a bang! We finished our week shooting a reenactment of a lifeguard rescue that occurred almost two years ago to the date at a Kennesaw YMCA. The lifeguard, YMCA managers, and everyone involved did an excellent job in the reenactment at the facility. Local EMTs arrived to recreate their part in the event. All around, the shoot was a tremendous success and could not have … [Read more...]

Change is Inevitable

One of our clients recently created a video with us called "Change Is Inevitable". This company, which specializes in healthcare technology, is really fascinating. One of the most fun and gratifying things about working in video is getting to learn about your clients and their businesses. EDI keeps up with all the demands of hospitals as they change quickly from writing information in charts to going fully electronic for all their medical records. The video we did covers all the changes going on … [Read more...]

Georgia Environmental Finance Authority Videos Complete

Marietta Video Productions just completed two videos for the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority. It was a fun project. The people with this state agency were great. They were easy to work with and the project went smoothly.  One video shows consumers how to find out about on-bill financing. The other video will be sent to the U. S. Department of Energy. It was a pleasure working with all the people involved on the projects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypXYZPWN7rw&feature=plcp The … [Read more...]

Better Looking Interviews

Lighting and angles in interviews make all the difference in the appearance of the subject.  One thing I've found that makes a difference in the appearance of the face is how someone sits in their chair. If the subject slides back in the chair as far as possible so that they are sitting straight up or slightly forward, it forces any excess skin under the chin to be pulled tighter resulting in a more flattering appearance. By contrast, if you lean back, the skin can be pushed forward … [Read more...]


Our video project for NyloBoard is complete. The client will use it during a trade show for the decking industry. We interviewed a custom home builder who is familiar with the product. He really gave the video credibility. This client needed a video that would show how their product, NyloDeck, compares to current alternative decking products. Below is a link to the finished video on youtube.com. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU0qxbsjzO0 … [Read more...]

Compression Tip

I've found many forums where web designers and video editors have had serious issues making mp4 files play best for iOS and Android devices.   The issues stem from two compression programs in particular:   Apple's Compressor, and Adobe Media Encoder. Problem with Apple Compressor: Compressor (no, not a very creative name for the application) is not recommended for making MP4 files.  Although Compressor is great for h.264 in QuickTime mov wrappers, the mp4 quality (bit for bit) is horrible.   … [Read more...]