This week, MVP shot footage at Nyloboard's production facility in Covington, GA.  We will soon finish their Nylodeck product video.  Nylodeck is a special non-wood composite made of recycled carpet fibers.  It does not mold, rot, or get eaten by insects.  It looks like real wood, and is extremely strong and durable.  From what we've learned in shooting this video and seeing their labs, this type of material is perfect for decks or boat docks as it doesn't warp or rot. We'll have our finished … [Read more...]

2012 Deserving Divas

This week, Marietta Video Productions will complete the final shooting for the 2012 Suwanee Dental Deserving Diva contest.  Four women received complete smile makeovers courtesy of Dr. Bill Williams of Suwanee Dental.  Original taping began in January of 2012, and the Diva Reveal party was at Lake Lanier this weekend. As we finish the final interviews this week, we will work on the final touches for each of the edited features.  The features will begin airing over a one month period on our … [Read more...]

Creative Ideas

Want something unique for your web site? We can help. Marietta Video Productions can help you engage with site visitors and keep them on your site longer. We use our technical expertise and our graphic design abilities together with your  ideas to create all types of fun, interactive additions to your site. For instance, we use what's called an AVARM on several client's sites. It's an animated character that "answers" and "asks" questions. The AVARM gets "smarter" the more it's used. These types … [Read more...]

Live Streaming

Live streaming allows clients to hold a meeting and broadcast it via the internet. Marietta Video Productions can broadcast your meeting live and deliver it to anyone in the world via the web. MVP also provides a live chat during the broadcast. Many corporations and associations are looking for new ways to connect with associates or members, and live streaming is the perfect solution.       Whether you need one camera or several, Marietta Video Productions can meet … [Read more...]

Web Design

Marietta Video Productions develops websites. Our capabilities include all the coding and design. Marietta Video Productions has been creating websites since 2007. Our specialty is in creating a site that is engaging and dynamic. Marietta Video Productions uses its background in video production to create sites that offer more than words and pictures.     Of course the site you are on now was created by us. Many of the sites Marietta Video Productions creates have a video … [Read more...]

Talent Selection

Marietta Video Productions provides clients with a wide array of professional talent. We work with clients to determine the best person to appeal to the company's target market and demographic. Many of our spokespeople have decades of experience as news anchors for worldwide networks. Our talent is among the very best in the industry. Having a recognizable spokesperson in your video gives it instant credibility.     Our video spokespeople can deliver your message in a polished, … [Read more...]

Graphic Design

When it comes to graphic design, Marietta Video Productions goes way beyond understanding programs such as Photoshop. We have artists who can actually create anything our clients want. Marietta Video Productions uses its capabilities in graphic design to create memorable and dynamic web sites, logos, and videos. Marietta Video Productions also creates "custom characters" which are actually drawn to fit our customer's ideas.  Our graphic design abilities also allow us to go beyond the usual when … [Read more...]

Video Production

Marietta Video Productions is a full service video production company. Our niche is providing creative video production for small to medium sized businesses. Our process is simple. We offer a free no obligation consultation. This is where we find out about the needs of our potential clients. We learn about your target market, your demographic, your goals, and your budget. Then we help you with ideas about how to create videos that will help you reach your goals. We have everything you need under … [Read more...]