Product Video: Deck ver. 2

Updated Video for Nylodeck [mvpvideos vidname="NyloDeck2"] … [Read more...]

Product Video: Deck

[mvpvideos vidname="NyloBoard"] … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Produces A Powerful Storytelling Video

Marietta Video Productions just finished a great video for a client who works with autistic children. Coby Lund, PhD and his wife Janet Lund, PhD founded Integrated Behavioral Solutions which uses Applied Behavioral Analysis or ABA. The video looks and feels like a news report. The  doctors provide their expert  insight and statistics, while the viewer meets a family who experienced the impact of ABA. This approach that was originated by the married, medical team helps prepare parents and … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Presents A Top Secret Mission

What does a cutting edge, super tech-savvy company like Prosys and the Atlanta-based video production company, Marietta Video Productions, have in common? Well, that’s top secret, but I’m willing to lend you a clue. Bond. James Bond. And I’ll let you know, the crew at Marietta Video Productions prefer their creativity shaken, not stirred. That’s why they were very privileged to have the opportunity to work closely with Prosys in developing a video project that sets them apart from the other … [Read more...]

Pilot Show

MVP is excited to begin working on a pilot television show - Untitled as of now!   The first shoot couldn't have happened without tremendous support from The Home Depot in Marietta.  Production still has a long way to go, but the major first step is now in the past.  As the show nears completion, be on the lookout for our press release. … [Read more...]