Hardie Plank

MVP was excited to work with James Hardie company demonstrating Hardie Plank siding. Working with James Hardie along with Traton Homes was a fun exciting project. This featured aired on our flagship television show, Atlanta's Home & Style. … [Read more...]

Green Screening and Your Camera

Most professional videographers and editors already understand color sampling and how it affects your video, but this article will give you a VERY BASIC overview of color sampling and why every videographer should understand it ESPECIALLY if you are compressing footage shot on a green screen for an editor.  Also, if you've ever thought about green screening and want to buy a new digital camera, you should definitely read this. First of all, a camera's color sampling is usually advertised as … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions: Getting a Swimming Pool

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpeaeXuXiWw In this video, we showcase the design ideas of a pool company and the process of how clients select their pools. We wanted to present this company in a very warm and inviting way in order to show the genuine care and interest that goes into building a personalized pool. Customer service and client satisfaction are very important to us, so we did our utmost best to present them in a very natural way. A promotional video like this would be … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions’ Professor Jay!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dexVabRmiJU Professor Jay is a brilliant character that was created by our very own, Daniel Trumble. His personality is very spot-on to a "know it all" bird expert and it fits Cole's Wild Bird Feed especially well. Characters such as this helps to brand companies and allows consumers to easily identify them. Animated characters are always entertaining and they greatly help companies appeal to a wide array of consumers. Videos like this are great additions to … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Presents Granite Countertops

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyVegCowOTc This home improvement video feature showcases an amazing way to liven up any kitchen or bathroom. The information offered in this particular video would be of interest to any homeowner, as well as any home designer. We produced this video with the client's benefit in mind because it serves them as a very useful marketing tool for their website and any social media site. In our experience, consumers that visit websites that contain video content … [Read more...]