Marietta Video Productions: Interior Design 911 This feature was particularly fun for us to produce because aside from the amazing interior design that it presents, it has a decorating within time constraints feel to it. We enjoyed following this designing team because they had a lot of great variations of interior design that any homeowner would appreciate. The video also has a very warm sensation within the production itself because it shows how much the owner of this particular design team … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions: Home Improvement Testimonial Oneida Builders is featured in this video that shows the changes they made in the home of Doug and Debbie Kuniansky. These significant home alterations are very exciting to see. The builders took the time to personalize every addition that was created for this home. Future and current homeowners will definitely enjoy watching this video testimonial because it not only showcases a great building company, but also educates the viewers on how a vision … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions: Informative Facelift Testimonial This video offers an informative testimonial from Sandy Milton about her facelift that was done by Dr. Fernando Burstein. A lot of research goes into such a self-refreshing procedure and this video gives the viewers a very personal take on the process of choosing the right doctor. Patient care and credibility are also presented in this video by the client herself and this gives the video more of a genuine feel. Medical videos like this one are … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Presents Home Rebuilders Creating small projects with lasting value is what Home Rebuilders prides itself in. This company has always maintained a personal relationship with their clients to ensure their satisfaction. In this video, we present the little touches that were added to a home by Home Rebuilders to make their home a bit more attractive and inviting. Needless to say, they were very pleased. Videos such as this profile/testimonial feature, helps businesses … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Produces Healthcare Recruitment Videos

Supplemental Health Care, a top staffing company, specializing in medical recruitment hired Marietta Video Productions to produce videos designed to help prospective applicants learn about new positions currently available. The project involved creating  four videos. Each one of them used photos, narration, and music. These types of videos are quite affordable, yet professional. They also make quite an impact. Here's a look at a couple of … [Read more...]