Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Video Production Company

Vision: Review the work of the companies you are considering and see if they share the same type of vision you do. Video production companies can vary greatly in the types of videos they do. Do you see the creativity you envision? Do you see the quality of shots you desire? Also, do you see the type of video you’d like for your company in their portfolio? You may want to give style more consideration than substance when reviewing a company’s work. The style from one video to another is less … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Works With A Top Atlanta Remodeling Company

Marietta Video Productions recently completed a television feature for Griffith Construction and Design, a top Atlanta remodeling company. The feature shown below, aired on "Atlanta's Home And Style", a television show produced by Marietta Video Productions. For clients in the home design and build industry, Marietta Video Productions offers more than a great marketing video. Clients also get free television exposure. The video features on … [Read more...]

Traton Homes Selects Atlanta Video Production Company, Marietta Video Productions

Traton Homes is one of Atlanta's most successful Home Building Companies. That's one reason  Marietta Video Productions is so happy to be working them. Traton wanted to showcase three of its model homes. Marietta Video Productions is especially suited for the task, since the company produces a local television show centered around interior design. MVP produced web videos and television feature stories touring the homes. Donna Davis, President of Marietta Video Productions, said, "I love … [Read more...]

Medical Product Video With Animation

[mvpvideos vidname="ScrubEx-Final"] This video uses animation and humor to show potential clients the value of a vending machine that dispenses scrubs in hospital settings. ScubEx is a medical products company located in Atlanta, GA. The company selected Marietta Video Productions for two product videos. If you’d like a video with animation that tells about your products and services, Call us at (678) 290-8953 or email … [Read more...]

Product Video: alEx

[mvpvideos vidname="alEx-Final"] This medical device video shows potential clients the value of the product. It uses animation to add humor and personality to the company's brand. The healthcare device company, located in Atlanta, sells a vending machine for hospital linens. If you’d like an animated video that tells about your products and services, Call us at (678) 290-8953 or email … [Read more...]

Atlanta Video Production Company works with American Cancer Society

Marietta Video Productions is honored to be the working with the American Cancer Society of Cobb County, Georgia. The American Cancer Society selected Atlanta video production company, Marietta Video Productions to put together a powerful video interviewing cancer survivors whose stories would help others better understand all the challenges faced by cancer patients. This video incorporates the moving stories of two cancer survivors.  Through video storytelling and interviews, viewers are … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Works With The Home Depot

  Marietta Video Productions just completed a video feature with The Home Depot. The feature shows consumers the incredible kitchen remodeling the store known for "doing it yourself" can do. Seeing is believing. The kitchen is stunning, and the homeowner loves it. Stephanie Wiesel is an interior designer. So, she really enjoyed being able to use her ideas to create the custom kitchen of her dreams. From The Home Depot's point of view, they now have a beautiful video with the perfect … [Read more...]

Why MVP?

[mvpvideos vidname="Process_shortened"] … [Read more...]