First Time Shopping for Quotes?

Comparing estimates while searching for the right video production company can be overwhelming. There are so many factors involved in video production that you may feel you have to get a degree in film production just to know what questions to ask. Hopefully this guide will help make the job easier for you in determining prices, shopping, and setting a budget. NEXT > … [Read more...]

Product Video

Atlantco's TRU-SPEC product line has been an ongoing process as we continually produce new videos.  Here is one featuring the quarter zip combat shirt.   … [Read more...]

Interior Design

We had the pleasure of working with Oneida Builders to document a complete kitchen renovation for one of their clients. We were fascinated by the entire process, and our biggest disappointment was the amount of footage we had to cut from the final video to keep it in the targeted time frame.   … [Read more...]

Merchandising Company

Ever wonder what goes into stocking the impulse aisle at the grocery store?   TNG, a merchandising company that has over 70% marketshare in this industry, showcases who they are and what they do!   We had the pleasure of shooting in Ontario, CA as well as several places in metro Atlanta for this video. … [Read more...]

Animation Deadline!

This project was one of the silliest projects we've ever had to work on... and we enjoyed every minute of it!   The challenges of this project primarily were due to the incredibly tight deadline - 2 weeks!  For 8 minutes of animation, that's insane! With a very limited deadline, and an even more limited budget, the client BenchMark Physical Therapy knew we had to prioritize quantity over quality in order to fit in all the material.  The animations were to be shown at an annual Worker's … [Read more...]

Live Streaming Popularity

Over the past several years, we've seen a dramatic increase in clients requesting Live Streaming -  from awards banquets to continuing education classes, we've been excited to be on the forefront of this relatively new (as of this posting) genre. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Sharecare Inc, Atlanta Peach Movers, NARI, and People You Need to Know Magazine for live streams of their meetings or presentations. Whether your online audience is twenty or twenty thousand, MVP has a … [Read more...]


We had the wonderful pleasure of working with Children's Wellness Center in Atlanta to create some testimonial videos for their website.  As we began rolling the cameras, some of the children didn't fully... cooperate... with the interview process.  After multiple starts and stops, we were beginning to get behind schedule and decided to work with it.  We told parents that if their children interrupted, began jumping up and down, or doing "what kids do", then just roll with it and let's see what … [Read more...]

Hooters Revealed!

Okay tacky title, I know.  But newspapers do it all the time, so that makes it ... okay still tacky. When someone thinks of working in the corporate world, Hooters isn't likely to be the first corporation to come to mind.  We had the privilege of seeing the back-end of Hooters (sorry... did it again) and what it takes to make their kitchen run so smoothly.  The video was used by HR to show franchisees the criteria need to hire what Hooters calls their Kitchen Captain - the team leader who … [Read more...]