Marietta Video Productions Produces Physician Profile Videos

Prospective patients are doing their homework, researching doctors before picking up the phone. Many physicians are taking advantage of patient research by adding a physician profile video to their websites. The profile video covers the doctor's education, training, experience, philosophy, and values. Marietta Video Productions also seeks to personalize the doctors by including a bit about the physician's hobbies and family. Our process includes a sit down interview. There's no need for … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Produces Recruiting Videos When Supplemental Health Care, a nationwide recruiting firm specializing in the health care industry, needed additional video marketing, they contacted Marietta Video Productions. The company wanted to create several videos that would be used to help potential health care workers find out about existing opportunities. They decided short, informative videos would allow them to spread the word among potential candidates quickly. Supplemental Health … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Features Findlay Roofing Do you have a home improvement business? A service or product for the home? Marietta Video Productions may be able to feature your company on its television show, Home And Style. This video shows you all about roofing and  introduces you to Findlay Roofing of Atlanta. The video is an example of how a customer testimonial is combined with story telling and expert advice from Findlay Roofing to create a powerful marketing video. Findlay uses the video … [Read more...]

Video Production in the Real World Much Different Than College

Before I actually began to work at Marietta Video Productions, I had an idea of how important internet videos were, but I was not aware of how popular and useful they have become for various businesses. I have always been in tune with technology, and it’s exciting to see how businesses are using this technology to help grow their customer base. Companies are using internet videos as a powerful and efficient means to connect with customers. I was also surprised about how a video production … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Produces Physician Profile Video of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fernando Burstein is a very respected physician that specializes in plastic surgery. He has authored ten text books, published over a hundred articles and is deemed one of the best of the best in his field. Dr. Burstein loves the challenges of his career and is dedicated to teaching his skills while learning new techniques to benefit others. The profile and informative approach that we took with this particular video is used to inform viewers … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Creates a Demo Reel for a Musician Need to show prospects a demo of what you can do? Marietta Video Productions produced this video for Danny Staggs, who sings and plays the piano.  The video gives Danny a quick, easy way to show potential clients how he can bring their event alive. The production of this video has the feel of an artist profile with live footage of Danny Staggs doing what he does best. We were able to shoot a lot of different genres being performed by Danny to … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Lets a Pooch Be the Star of a Video The client on this video, Dog Gone Handy, wanted to add a sense of fun and humor to his video. So, he had Marietta Video Productions get video of one of his associate's dogs, Sam. The dog was to be the narrator. But, on the day of the shoot, the pooch was really feeling down. We could only get a few shots of him. In fact, by the we got back and looked at all the video footage, we found only a few seconds of usable footage. In an awful twist of … [Read more...]

Marietta Video Productions Features the American Kidney Fund The American Kidney Fund is dedicated to providing financial support to individuals that suffer from kidney failure. They raise money through working with the American Kidney Services by collecting clothes and household goods, then selling them to Value Village thrift stores. Afterwords, all of the money goes to The American Kidney Fund to assist those that are battling kidney disease, as well as providing goods to those that can't afford to shop … [Read more...]