Marietta Video Productions Presents Easy Traveling For Parents The Total Travel Baby Bag is ideal for parents that are always on the run due a packed schedule and super energetic little ones. So, lets face, that's almost every parent! The fast-paced infomercial presentation of this video helps to get the audience excited about the product even before the benefits are thoroughly explained. Marietta Video Productions had a lot of fun working with the Total Travel Baby Bag company. We enjoyed learning about … [Read more...]

Reality TV Video on Remodeling a Showhome This reality TV styled video shows how innovative ideas, a keen sense of design, and a little imagination go a long way to produce a beautiful show home in just 24 hours. Marietta Video Productions had the privilege of working with the Black Sheep Interiors decorating company to produce this video for Atlanta's Home and Style network. When the client came to us with a vague idea of what they wanted as a final product, we followed them for several … [Read more...]

Corporate Videos Can Be Fun This video that Marietta Video Productions produced in December of 2012 is a fun, humorous video project about Marietta's Big Chicken. The client is the coating company that recently painted The Big Chicken. When they first contacted Marietta Video Productions, they were looking for a half day shoot. But, we thought it would be fun to create a feature video. They allowed us be creative and to use our ideas. The company gets the benefit of … [Read more...]

Home Movie Tips

It’s the holiday season, and we all know what that means…yes, it’s also home movie season! Home movies have been a tradition in my family since I was a kid, and we have libraries of videos that chronicle holidays upon holidays. I think it’s a fun thing to do during family get-togethers and different events that you and your family may be organizing for the holidays. I’ve always thought of home movies as a way to record and keep cherished memories while learning how to use the features on a … [Read more...]

Video Helps Your Customers Understand Your Mission

This video that profiles the mission of Value Village stores and the relationship with a charity helps consumers understand the big picture. It follows the donation of clothes and supplies and shows you how the donated household goods help people with kidney disease. This is a very useful tool for the client, Value Village. … [Read more...]

I Can Do It Myself

So, how tough could it be with today’s technological advances to successfully film and edit a complete video project? Most people would probably say, “Not too hard!” or “We got this! It’s not even a thing to worry about!” We are able to purchase flip cameras for $100 and when it comes to editing, laptops are sold pre-installed with basic programs. As a newbie to the business, I’ve learned that it’s vital to keep an open mind and consider more than price when it comes to creating your own … [Read more...]

A REALLY Fun video project: The Big Chicken!

Marietta Video Productions just completed a video about The Big Chicken. The video is really focused on this endearing landmark being painted, and our client is Aqua Pro Painting. Aqua Pro did a great job painting it, and the refurbished chicken looks better than ever. But the fun of the project was really creating a story about the painting job as well as a little history on The Big Chicken. Please click the link below and let us know your thoughts on the … [Read more...]

The Big Chicken

Marietta Video Productions is now working on a video that will tell the story of the famous, "Big Chicken". The building is … [Read more...]